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A citizen of the State of Indevuar may be a resident of any recognized country at the age of 14 years on the basis of valid documents issued by his/her country of residence (Birth certificate / internal passport of a citizen or other document with the equal status). To acquire citizenship, you do not need to renounce your current citizenship.

All citizens of the State of Indevuar have the right to be elected to Parliament and public offices, to vote and organize / participate in referendums, to create political parties and blocs, to become ambassadors or honorary ambassadors and etc.

Citizens of the State of Indevuar are not drafted into the military as the State does not have one.

Citizens of the State of Indevuar enjoy all the privileges that are available only to citizens.

The decision on citizenship is exclusively granted by the President of the State after reviewing the data of the completed questionnaire and taking into account all recommendations from the relevant government structures.

How to obtain the citizenship.